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Website DDoS Protection Proxy

DDoS Protection Proxy
DDoS attack protection via proxy – setup in minutes for any web hosting infrastructure.
Our solution provides fast DDoS filtering for websites; your websites will be served by multiple proxy servers in the U.S & EU.

The fastest and nearest proxy in most cases filters your traffic, providing DDoS protection by 11 data centers.
120Gbps DDoS Protection (The U.S & EU proxy servers included); all you’ll need to change is domain DNS records.

Currently, we are providing proxy services for ‘A records’ and ‘http traffic’. For custom requests, please contact us.

New: Mail Server Protection. Now we also have a Mail Server, Anti-DDoS protection.
To eliminate spam material as much as possible, our Mail Server Filters additionally use ClamAV, Amavis, rDNS/PTR and Multi RBL security checks.

Our Standard AntiDDoS Protection includes:
– DDoS Protected DNS servers for unlimited zone records per domain
– DDoS Protected Website proxy for the entire domains and subdomains
– DDoS Protected MailServer Relay
…and other custom requests

We also offer a full, DDoS Protection for any piece of service. For more info, please contact us.

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