Custom Modules

Get Custom modules for your CWP.
Get Custom Modules

Managed Support

Get Managed Support for your servers.
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One Time Support

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Develope Modules for CWP

You can easily build modules for the CWP with only a basic knowledge of the PHP.
Join us and start developing new modules for CentOS Web Panel.

The Best modules will be added into the CentOS Web Panel default installation and future updates.

Since we are receiving donations for module development, you shall be paid for any module which we find useful, after-all that is the main purpose of donations, getting more developers to participate in this project.

Payout ranges from $50 up to $1000 per module depending on module complexity.
Join now! Start developing. Help others and get paid.

Instructions for the module development

You can also build bash installers or any other helpful tools/scripts for upgrades and so on that will help improve some parts of the CWP.

– writing instructions on wiki
– writing instructions on forum
– recording video instructions for our youtube channel
– developing custom add-ons or modules
– writing installation or configuration scripts
– improving CWP in some way

If you have something interesting, don’t forget to let us know.