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ChangeLog for CentOS 7

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New Version (coming soon)
..still adding more

Version – (released 01-22/03/2017)
- [BUGFIX] ioncube update scripts
- [BUGFIX] sysstat graph errors
- [BUGFIX] PHP Selector fixed php 7
- [BUGFIX] Advanced File Manager bugs
- [BUGFIX] Mail Server rebuild
- [BUGFIX] SSL redirection for cwp services
- [BUGFIX] Fixed security advisor multiple messages
- [UPDATE] Php Switcher new additional modules and new php versions
- [UPDATE] PHP Selector update of all php versions and added php 7.0, 7.1
- [UPDATE] SSL Cert Manager now with more detailed info from the certificate files
- [New Feature] AutoSSL option when creating new account, domain or subdomain from admin panel
- [New Feature] AutoSSL for Hostname
- [New Feature] Nice and Fast Ajax upgrade for list accounts, domains and subdomains.
- [New Feature] New Varnish configuration editor
- [CWPpro] Yum, number of available packages upgrades at login into cwp
Version – (released 21-28/02/2017)
- [New Feature] Sysstat graphs
- [UPDATE] Higher grade for apache SSL
- [UPDATE] PHP Switcher_v2 Configuration Upgrade and Bugs Fixed
- [BUGFIX] File Manager bug fixed, and few smaller bug in the gui
Version – (released 21/02/2017)
- [UPDATE] PHP Switcher added extensions: intl, pspell, tidy, wddx
- [BUGFIX] Fixed several bugs
Version – (released 17/02/2017)
- [New Feature] NEW friendly PHP Version Switcher with many addons and more to come…
- [UPDATE] Update of PHP versions: 7.1.2, 7.0.16, 5.6.30
- [Old Removed] Old PHP Version Switcher removed from the left menu but still exists.
- [BUGFIX] Fixed several bugs
Version (released 13/02/2017)
- [BUGFIX] Fixed bug with softaculous remove mysql user.
Version & (released 11/02/2017)
- [New Feature] LiteSpeed Enterprise integration with CWP

…we were working very hard to make CWP work with CentOS 7 so we done many changes are unfortunately there is no any info what was done before in which version.