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Frequently asked questions

- How much does CWP cost?
CWP is free, but you can always make a donation to support.

- Will CWP remain free?
Yes, for good. It’s a donation-based service.

- Can I install CWP on the CentOS 7 ?
No, CentOS 7 is NOT supported yet!

- How Can I upgrade MySQL server?
You can upgrade MySQL using any available tutorial on the internet. It is suggested to make a backup of the all databases before doing any upgrades; Managed support will also include MySQL upgrade.

- Error Message – 500 Internal Server Error

- Default Web Page displayed for all domains

How to setup Website on the IP address

FTP Connection/Server Failed

How to setup Quotas (Disk Limits for user)

How to fix Encryption error on the login prompt
-How to fix Encryption error on the login prompt?

How to install the SSL Certificate (one or multiple)
Click here for SSL Certificate installation instructions

-Where is User Panel and how to login as user?

Here, you can try a demo version:

How to enable CSF Firewall?
Click on Security -> CSF Firewall -> Firewall Enable ( )

How to enable Mod Security?
Click on Security -> Mod Security -> Install Mod Security ( )

Setup shared ip.
Click on CWP Settings -> Edit Settings -> ( ) Here you can write you IP

Setup root email.
Click on CWP Settings -> Edit Settings -> ( ) Here you can write you email then Save

Setup hosting package.
Click on Packages -> Add a Package -> ( ) Here you can write your info about package

How to create a new account?
Click on User Accounts -> New Account -> ( ) Here you can write info about new user account

How to create a mysql user and database?
Click on SQL Services -> MySQL Manager -> Create Database and User ( )

How to use file manager? (from user panel – upload, download, change folder, rename)
Click on File Management -> File Manager -> Log in -> Now you are here ( ). (From here you can upload, download, change folder, rename folders…)

How to create a subdomain from user panel?
Click on Add Subdomain ( ) -> and write you info ( )

Setup nameservers
->DNS Functions ->Edit nameservers IP