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CWP Support Services | If you need Developers Support, you can check for the services listed bellow
Option One Time Managed CWP Managed CentOS Enterprise CWP
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Fix CWP integrated features
Spam Removal
Malware Removal
Malware Scanning
Server Security
Mod Security Configuration
Website Security
Backup Configuration
High Load Resolving
SSL Installation
SPF & DKIM Configuration
FFMPEG Installation
PHP Configuration
Apache Configuration
Software Upgrades
3rd Party App Installations
Support Tickets
Request New Features
Multiple Issues
Fast Support
Nagios Free Monitoring 24/7
WHMCS Billing Integration
Per Server Once: $7,00 Monthly: $12,00 Monthly: $20,00 Monthly: $35,00

One Time: is for one issue with CWP only.
Managed CWP: is Managed support for CWP servers only.
Managed CentOS: is Managed support for CentOS servers without CWP.
Enterprise Support: Faster Support and FREE nagios server monitornig 24/7.
Orcale Support: Faster Support for your Oracle server and FREE nagios server monitornig 24/7.

Managed service covers issues resolvable in a short period of time; issues requiring a longer amount of time will be done in special projects..

Enterprise Support Clustering services (per server)
- DNS Name Server Cluster master/master
- DNS Load-Balancing between servers in Cluster (multiple locations can be used)
- File Sync master/slave (Instant live sync on changes, NO cron)
- File Server Clusters
- Torrent SeedBox Clusters
- MySQL Cluster (MariaDB Galera Cluster) master/master or master/slaves
- Remote MySQL server (any version)
- Varnish with memory cache (much faster then normal disk cache)
- Website loaded into memory (very useful when disk IO is an issue)
- Manage php session with memcached (for high traffic server)
- LiteSpeed Web Server installation
- CDN servers for static files like media sites or VOD
- Custom security configuration for CWP ports (important for public institutions)
…and many other custom requests

Best Price: Cluster x3 Server Management (High Availability)
- Website Data Synchronization
- 3 x MySQL Servers running in Cluster master/master
- 3 x Apache & Nginx Servers running in Cluster
- 3 x DNS Servers Running in Cluster
- Domain DNS Clustering using round-robin (like
- 3 different Data Centers for each server: North America and EU
- Data Centers with included DDoS Protection
- Server Monitoring
Setup & Monthly maintenance for the Cluster System $50.00 monthly

Please note that cluster setups are not shared hosting providers, they are more for single or few sites having a high traffic.
… for more info you can contact us.

Custom cluster setups, Load Balancers, remote MySQL, BIND Clusters and all other custom services needs to be done via special projects.
If you have any additional questions before ordering feel free to contact us.

Don’t forget that CWP is using the most conventional services on CentOS servers so any experienced system administrator should now know how to manage them.