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Custom Modules

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How to become a NOC ?

If you want to be on the CWP NOC Partner Site list, you can make it possible with an annual, twenty-dollar donation.
You will also enjoy “NOC Partner” access on the Support Forum.

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Don’t forget that with every penny of donation, you are contributing to the advancement of this project.

CWPpro IP range license
for CWPpro you need to have ip range for whitelisting in our system.

CWPpro NOC Partner package prices based on the Network Prefix Length:
/24 (255 IPs) – 50 USD/Monthly
/25 (128 IPs) – 30 USD/Monthly
/26 (64 IPs) – 20 USD/Monthly
/27 (32 IPs) – 10 USD/Monthly
/28 (16 IPs) – 6 USD/Monthly