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Free DNS Servers

We have released Free DNS servers that you can use:

How Free DNS Servers works?

At your domain register you need to set your domain nameservers to FreeDNS servers and than you can control, add or change DNS records how you want and forward your domain to IP.
You do not need to have any experience with DNS servers to use FreeDNS.

How to add domain on FreeDNS Servers?

1. You need to register on FreeDNS website
2. You need to set your domain nameservers with yours domain registar to nameservers that are displayed on FreeDNS website.
When you have set nameserver than you can add yours domain to Free DNS Server and start using Free DNS Server.

What are the benefits of free DNS servers
With Free DNS server you do not need to:
– Configure DNS server on yours server
– Have additional IPs (DNS requires at least 2 IPs)

– If yours server is offline DNS records on other IPs will still work

Register and start to use FreeDNS Manager