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Terms of Service

CentOS Web Panel License Info

This is free software presented to the public by the software developer.

It is free to use by everyone, however it is not allowed to modify or use any part of the code for any 3rd party application without a written authorization and consent of the main developer.

Reverse Engineering: You may not alter, merge, modify, prepare derivative works based upon, adapt or translate the Software in any manner whatsoever. Additionally, You may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or otherwise reduce the Software to any human-readable form, or use the Software to develop any application having the same primary functions as the Software.

No-Warranty: The Software is provided without any warranty; Software developer hereby disclaims any warranty that the Software shall be error free, without defects or code which may cause damage to computers, and that Software shall be functional. Software user shall be solely liable to any damage, defect or loss incurred as a result of operating software and undertake the risks contained in running The Software on License’s Server[s] and Website[s].

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations must be done in writing via the cancellation process on Provider’s website at Cancellations must be made at least one (1) day before Customer’s service due date. Cancellations sent in on or after Customer’s service due date will not be subject to a refund. Once Provider receives Customer’s cancellation notice and has confirmed all necessary information Provider will inform Customer by e-mail that Customer’s service has been cancelled.

As a Customer of Provider, it is Customer’s responsibility to ensure that Customer’s payment information is up to date, and that all invoices are paid on time. Provider provides a two (2) day grace period from the time the invoice is due and when it must be paid. When an invoice is five (3) days past due the specific service(s) associated with that invoice will be suspended until payment is received.

Provider reserves the right to change the payment amount and any other charges at any time with thirty (30) days written notice to the Customer. Provider reserves
the right to suspend any license that is one day unpaid past the invoice due date. Violations of the Terms of Use will waive any refund otherwise due to Customer.

If Customer cancels account and payments still continue to recur for any reason, including but not limited to 1) by fault of the credit card processor and/or 2) by fault of any other payment collection company, Provider is to be held free of liability for any overdraft fees that are issued by Customer’s financial institution.

Provider offers a 7 day money back guarantee for all new services ordered. Upon written request via ticket at Customer of Provider will receive a full refund of services ordered within the last 7 days.