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ChangeLog for CentOS 6

Please check the latest info from our new website.

New Version (coming soon)
Now in 2019, we release new version multiple times a week and sometimes even multiple times per day.

CWP for CentOS 7 is now available! [CentOS 7 is recommended version]
Version – (released 08/02/2018-21/05/2018)
[New Feature] Main left menu search option
[New Feature] Manage User crons from the admin panel
[New Feature] New Notifications handler with email alerts
[New Feature] New Ulimits Module -Show all user processes and limits (good for debugging)
[New Feature] Monit Monitoring (advanced tool for monitoring server services and resources)
[New Feature] MySQL Manager now has security and optimization tests integrated
[New Feature] Security Tools – Maldet Scan – Scan websites for malware
[New Feature] Security Tools – RKHunter Scan – Scan server for rootkits, backdoors
[New Feature] Security Tools – Lynis Scan – Scan server for system hardening
[New Feature] Security Tools – Symlink scan – Scan user accounts for symlinks
[UPDATE] New SSL Manager with additional auto-download for chain certificates
[UPDATE] Latest PHP versions (used in switcher/selector)
[UPDATE] Apache latest version rpm + rebuilder/compiler
[UPDATE] New Security checks in the Security Advisor via new notifications
[BUGFIX] Fixed all reported bugs with the cpanel account migration
[BUGFIX] Fixed bugs in the account transfer tool
[BUGFIX] Fixed bugs in the Mail server manager related to rebuild
[BUGFIX] Fixed bugs with API

User Panel []
[SECURITY] Big security update for user panel, many issues have been resolved
[New Feature] AutoSSL- Install/remove Free SSL from the user panel
[UPDATE] Improved DNS zone editor

* We have also fixed many other reported bugs

Version (released 07/02/2018)
[UPDATE] New admin panel design upgrade
[New Feature] Theme manager for User Panel
[New Feature] Language manager for User Panel
[New Feature] New cPanel migration tool running in background
[New Feature] New CWP to CWP migration tool
[New Feature] New Advanced Backup Manager
[New Feature] New Advanced API Manager with permissions

New user Panel (demo)
[New Feature] All new, too many things to have them listed here, you simply need to check it!
Fixed many many other reported bugs

Version – (released 26/06-29/09/2017)
[UPDATE] Added Apache 2.4.26, 2.4.27
[UPDATE] PHP 5.6.31, 7.0.21, 7.0.22, 7.0.23, 7.0.24, 7.1.6, 7.1.7, 7.1.9, 7.1.10
[UPDATE] PHP selector delete unwanted php version with single click
[UPDATE] AutoSSL: manualy start and force auto renewal
[New Feature] Included manager for new user panel compatibility

[BUGFIX] IonCube installer fixed issue with php 7.0 & 7.1
[BUGFIX] Zendguard loader5.5, 5.6 improved installer
[BUGFIX] AutoSSL reported bugs fixed
[BUGFIX] Improved security
Fixed many other reported bugs

Version – (released 28/04-25/06/2017)
[UPDATE] detailed cleanup of removed accounts
[UPDATE] yum manager improvement
[UPDATE] New PHP versions added 7.0.20 and 7.1.5
[UPDATE] php selector new versions of php
[UPDATE] apache 2.4.26 (has security updates)
[New Feature] new ftp manager for admin
[New Feature] bandwidth monitor (incoming/outgoing for all interfaces)

[BUGFIX] php switcher bug fix
[BUGFIX] autossl bugfix
[BUGFIX] mod security installer bug fix
[BUGFIX] vhost rebuild bug fix
[BUGFIX] mail queue module bug fix
[BUGFIX] mail explorer module bug fix
Fixed many other reported bugs

Version – (released 23/03-28/04/2017)
[UPDATE] New PHP versions added 7.0.18 and 7.1.4
[UPDATE] Improved SSL Manager (fixed autoSSL bugs)
[UPDATE] Improved backups (now weekly and monthly use hard links and can reduce total backup size up to 65%)
[New Feature] Ajax disk usage checker (check your disk space usage per folder)
[New Feature] New Varnish configuration editor
[New CWPpro] Yum Package and Repository Manager
Prevention of Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Attack ​by Esmaeil Rahimian (Security Research from SecureHost)
Fixed many other reported bugs
Version – (released 01-22/03/2017)
[BUGFIX] ioncube update scripts
[BUGFIX] sysstat graph errors
[BUGFIX] PHP Selector fixed php 7
[BUGFIX] Advanced File Manager bugs
[BUGFIX] Mail Server rebuild
[BUGFIX] SSL redirection for cwp services
[BUGFIX] Fixed security advisor multiple messages
[UPDATE] Php Switcher new additional modules and new php versions
[UPDATE] PHP Selector update of all php versions and added php 7.0, 7.1
[UPDATE] SSL Cert Manager now with more detailed info from the certificate files
[New Feature] AutoSSL option when creating new account, domain or subdomain from admin panel
[New Feature] AutoSSL for Hostname
[New Feature] Nice and Fast Ajax upgrade for list accounts, domains and subdomains.
[New Feature] New Varnish configuration editor
[CWPpro] Yum, number of available packages upgrades at login into cwp
Version (released 28/02/2017)
CWP6 for CentOS 6 with complete rebuild is now released.
[New Feature] Ultra fast installation via RPM’s
[New Feature] NEW friendly PHP Version Switcher with many addons and more to come…
[New Feature] Sysstat Graphs
[New Feature] Light SSH console
[UPDATE] Latest phpMyAdmin
[UPDATE] Latest Roundcube
[UPDATE] Update of PHP versions: 7.1.2, 7.0.16, 5.6.30
[UPDATE] Latest MariaDB as MySQL database server
[UPDATE] Apache 2.4.25 (latest)
[UPDATE] Updated FileManager
[UPDATE] Much faster loading of CWP
…many other smaller upgrades and bug fixes.

====== Old Version (requires manual update to latest)==============
Upgrade script will be listed here once they are ready

Version (released: will be soon)
CWP6 for CentOS 6 is under the complete rebuild and soon will be released.
Expected to be released before 25/02/2017
Version (released 13/02/2017)
[BUGFIX] Fixed bug with softaculous remove mysql user.
Version & (released 11/02/2017)
[New Feature] LiteSpeed Enterprise integration with CWP

…many other smaller upgrades…

Version (released 09/12/2016)
[New Feature] CWPpro (version which help us to develop more & faster for you)
[New Feature] Varnish Conf (option to have Varnish cache in RAM -lightning fast)
[New Feature] Latest Mod Security rules with autoupdates: Comodo WAF and OWASP
[UPDATE] Update of all PHP versions (latest: php 7.1.0)
[BUGFIX] many bugs fixed.

…more than 70 smaller releases with bug fixes and improvements.

Version (released 08/09/2016)
[New Feature] MongoDB Manager/Installer
[New Feature] PostgreSQL Manager/Installer
[BUGFIX] few bugs fixed
Version (released 08/07/2016)
[New Feature] new automated updates (now we have very frequent updates)
[IMPROVEMENT] design completely open
[BUGFIX] few bugs fixed
[SECURITY] improved security
Version (released 04/07/2016)
[SECURITY] New security improvements
[BUGFIX] Fixed service monitoring tool
[New Feature] Letsencrypt, Free SSL certificates for all your domains
[New Feature] Backup for MySQL users and permissions
[BUGFIX] many small fixes
Version (released 26/04/2016)
[SECURITY] Urgent security fix provided by and

Version (released 24/04/2016)
– fix for roundcube, phpmyadmin not working with nginx in some cases
– show user quota stats
– mail server fixes
– roundcube fixes for quota, sieve filtering
– softaculous vps detection api, for vps you will get a lower price
– new date-time changer

Version (released 10/04/2016)
– CWP API for account management
– suPHP now shows the script name and path in top or process lists (apache rebuild needed)
– CWP faster loading and possibility to work with multiple processes at the same time.
– Apache is limiting number of php processes per user
– Email Explore, read all mailboxes from one location.
.. few bugs fixed

Version (released 14/01/2016)
– NAT-ed version, support for NAT-ed IPs
– Free Hosting Module
– fixed admin messages
– fixed advanced file manager
– fixed a lot of small bugs
– fixed php selector issue
– Improved security
…and more

20/01/2016, Now you can install CWP with the latest MariaDB 10.1

Version (released 01/11/2015)
– PHP selector and PHP switcher, now with newer PHP versions
PHP 5.4.45
PHP 5.5.30
PHP 5.6.14
PHP 7 (latest from git repository)
– Latest Apache 2.2.31 version
– Apache with spamhaus RBL protection (Protecting http PUT,POST,CONNECT)
– few bugs fixed

Version (released 27/09/2015)
– DNS Zone File correction testing
– Torrent SeedBox module with Deluge WebGUI (one click install)
– File Editor Improvement for empty files
– File Editor support/AutoSync for DNS Cluster
– Advanced File Manager for admin/root
– Free Memory without cache additional display
– SSH Key Generator
– Few bugs resolved
– Updated few module functions and added new features
– Improved security

Version (released 02/07/2015)
– New WebServer selector, activate nginx and varnish with a single click
– Big Security issue fix
– Mail Server (Antispam version) rebuild issue fix
– Few new improvements and bug fixes
– User Panel Antivirus scan with reports
…and others

Version (released 19/04/2015)
– Nginx ReverseProxy bug fix
– Fixed scripts in the /scripts folder
– Faster Menu Loading with new loader
– Mail Server services added on the index page
..few fixes for other reported issues

Version (released 08/04/2015)
– Postfix Manager
– Scripts folder, info will be on the wiki site
– SPF Manager
– Nginx reverse Proxy
– Services Monitor (Automatic restart of services)
– MySQL root password reset script
– BruteForce CSF/LFD integration script
– Fixed a lot of reported issues

Version (released 23/03/2015)
– Varnish Multiple IP’s Fix
– FFMPEG installer php Extension install Fix
– Few Additional Security Fixes
– Installer Security Fixes
– IP Access Control
– Mail Server Re-Configuration
..and few other fixes

Version (released 16/03/2015)
– Varnish with Multiple IPs
– PHP Switcher (added php imap installer checkbox)

– net2ftp install script
– MySQL 5.5 & phpMyAdmin upgrade script
– PHP Imagick – script installer
– Maldet – script installer (Malware removal tool)
fixed few bugs

Version (released 09/03/2015)
– Softaculous PREMIUM license 1 Month FREE (single click activation)

– New SSL Generator with key size selection (2048/4096 bits)
– Few changes in the SSL Certificate installer
– New Hostname Changer
– Mail Server reBuilder has a few fixes
– Improved Backup Configuration
– Improved Backup restore
– Improved Backup cron script
– Improved cPanel Migration script (with email accounts restore)

Version (released 21/02/2015)
– Quota AutoSetup
– Added DKIM & SPF Manager

– php.ini editor in CWP.admin
– Fixed Softaculous blank page issue
– Fixed PHP Selector Upgrade on 64bit systems

Version 0.9.8 (released 11/02/2015)
– New Easy DNS Zone Manager (with ajax)
– New DNS Zone list with Additional resolving information using google (also checking rDNS, nameservers….)
– PHP Selector, Now you can select PHP version per user or per folder (PHP 4.4, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6)
– FFMPEG, For Video streaming websites)
– SPF & DKIM Integration
– Added Redirects for each domain like /cpanel /webmail ….
– PostgreSQL, phpPgAdmin Support
– Perl cgi script support
– Apache Redirects Manager
– CWP.client php.ini simple editor
…still working on the new ones (Thanks to your donations)

– Improved cPanel migration module
– CWP.user panel now can add addon domains
– Security character check for domains & subdomains
– ModSecurity Configurator now has a search option for ModSecurity logs
– Quick & Easy NameServer Editor
– NameServer Easy Editor (Automatically adds/checks DNS records)
– New SSL Manager with Additional options
– Mod Security compiler issue fixed
– Mod UserDir and Suexec Fixed
– Apache vHost rebuild (fixed addon domain issue)
– PHP Switcher Fixed, now all PHP versions work
..and lots of other fixes….

Version 0.9.7 (released 08/12/2014)
– Big upgrade for the client Panel
– Lots of Bugs fixed
– Softaculous Script Installer (Free and Professional)
– AutoFixer (New AutoFixers, fixing server configuration automatically for you)

Version 0.9.6 (released 31/10/2014)
– cPanel Account Migration (restores files, databases and database users)
– Apache recompiler + Additional modules
– Fixed SSH Java Terminal
– MySQL database package limit per account
– Limit Processes: The maximum number of processes available per account.
– Limit Open Files: The maximum number of open files available per account.
– Fast Login (Fast Login for server management)
– Tomcat 8 server management
– Dedicated IP per account
– Re-Build Postfix/Dovecot Mail server with (AntiVirus, AntiSpam Protection)
– Email Auto Responder
and few bugs fixed.

Version 0.9.5 (released 01/10/2014)
Client Panel
– Virtual FTP Manager (easy adding and removing FTP users)
– left menu – (remember open tabs)
CloudLinux – PHP Selector

Admin Panel
– FTP Manager (Listing & Monitoring FTP Users actions)
– AntiSpam (Spamhaus cron)
– left menu – (remember open tabs)
– New Backup script (remote & local backup using rsync, nice and ionice)
– CloudLinux + CageFS + PHP Selector
– More than 20 bugs fixed and improved few modules

Version 0.9.4 (released 22/08/2014)
Client Panel
– menu icons (decoration)
– WebFTP File Manager

Admin Panel
– Fix User Permissions (one click fix permissions)
– SSL Certificate Manager (quick and easy installation of SSL Certs)
– Auto-Fixer (checks important configuration and tries to auto-fix issues)
– rDNS Checker Module (check you rDNS records)

– php.ini per user account (you can add changes in /home/USER/php.ini)
– htaccess override rules per user account

Version 0.9.3 (released 04/08/2014)
Client Panel
– Domain/SubDomain Management
– Emails Management
– MySQL Managment
– MySQL Process List
– FTP accounts (delayed for newer version )
– Quota & Inode Limits
– User Process List
– File System Lock (Locks all your public files from any changes)
– Full Cron Jobs
and more…

root Panel
– User Limit Managment (Quota and Inodes)
– Backup Restore
– New Backup cron configuration
– Addon domains
and more…

Version 0.9.2 (released 23/06/2014)
– Bug Fixes (username length limit set for linux user and mysql user)
– Mod_Security and OWASP rules in one click
– Shoutcast Manager (Shoutcast streaming servers)
– 3rdParty file included in developer menu
– Improved SSL Generator (and saves generated files csr, cert & key)
– shell access control
– User Monitoring (list users open files, listening sockets…)
and more…

Version 0.9.1 (released 06/06/2014)
– Cool & Modern new Design
– Bug Fixes (File Editor Fixed)
– Postfix Email Alias (Forwarders)
– PHP Addons (Install/remove ionCube with one click)
– PHP.ini Simple Editor
– SSL Generator
and more…

Version 0.9 (released 25/05/2014)
– PHP Switcher (Recompile PHP version with modules in one click)
**Available PHP versions: PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5
– Varnish Cache server easy to use (improves Apache performances up to 3x)
– Remote Backup (Mount Remote Disk using SSHFS)
and more…

Version 0.8 (released 16/05/2014)
– Apache 2.2.27 compiled from source
– PHP 5.4.27 compiled from source (coming up PHP switcher)
WordPress tested
– Named BIND query fix
– SSL certificate Login listening on port 2031
– Login using root password (no more sql logins)
– Backup Fix
– suPHP (improved security)
– suExec (improved security)
– TeamSpeak 32 & 64 bit
and lots of other changes

Version 0.7 (released 13/04/2014)
– Mod Security with rules for Apache protection
– Postfix mail queue
– Apache Virtual Host configuration rebuild
– New Functions
…and more

Version 0.6 (released 26/01/2014)
– New Design
– New Functions
– New Free DNS Manager
– Live Loading stats with AJAX
…and more

Version 0.5 (released 30/12/2013)
– Automatic daily cron CWP update/fix
– New installers 32 and 64 bit
…and more

Version 0.4 (released 27/12/2013)
– Automatic daily cron CWP update
– Change Hostname module
– Add New DNS zone module
– ProFTPd failed login fix
– Dovecot recive mail fix
…and more

Version 0.3 (released 15/12/2013)

– Advanced MySQL Manager
– Email Manager
– Enhanced Security
– New Java SSH Console
…and more

Version 0.2 (released 09/11/2013)

New stuff
– Backup System # local_backup: daily, weekly, monthly
– Chkconfig Manager # Advanced chkconfig manager
– Detailed informations on index page (cpu info, number of cores, cpu clock, distro name, kernel version, platform, uptime, load averages, memory & swap usage with progress bar…)
– TeamSpeak3 Manager # one click install and run team speak 3 server with free licence 32 slot.

Updated old stuff
– Process list # with kill option for each process
– Edit account # with backup option
– List Accounts # with displayed backup option

Version 0.1
this is first beta version avaliable for download and under demo.